14 things i hate about facebook

1: the poker ... * do u have to poke everyone u know ? -,- .. oh god

2:happy birtghday post.. *u juz messing up their notificattions n its annoying when they have to say thank you to everyone who wish them..
3:facebook chat *err.. i love facebook chat but its get annoying like this one *hey remember me, from the kindergaten? err..? -,-
4:facebook gift *great! i got a lolipop! err what am i gonna do wif that? -,-
5: old people on facebook * kinda thinking... what the pfffft! they doing on facebook? arent they suppose to juz laying in the house?
6:group invites.. *yeah great -,- .. they always keep sending them like non stop 7:person wif no detail *how am i going to know u? -,-
8:bad tagged photo *i dun even care!
9:phone number request *hey everyone, i lost my phone on the toilet so i need your number, dun ask me how i lost it.. * pffffffffft!
10:people u may know.. *keyh mybe we should change it to *PEOPLE U MAY NOT KNOW ...
11:creepy ads on that little idiot window... with ads like *hey wanna date me? -,-
12:threads.. * u sent a comment to one group of people n u will got whole notiffications bout that 4 the rest of your life ,.. err what? -,-
13: duplicate picture. u got two or more of the same picture in your profile? err why? -,-
14:facebook relationship gossip *err stop it! -,-
so anyway that is the list of 14 thing that i hate about facebook.. *what about u? tehee! daa~