;( gudbye sweet hearts..

hey.helloo.. sini ader cerita.. hurm i cried dis nite.. why ? td sy dok tgk2 fb org.. then bukak r fb minah nie,.. namer dy tooot!!!! sdihnyew sy da x trkatew.. n is in a relationship wif m.. first of all.. i nak minx map bnyk2 kat aweks uh coz i da kutok2 dy.. i xnak pndam coz ckop r u both da sketkan haty i.. first , nad, iwanna u love him as i love him coz he's my world.. n to find out my world is in your hands.. i dh xnak hidop lg.. but ,i xbodoh. life must go on.. i juz nk luahkan perasaan i.. u see.. i da lamew usha2 ur wall wif him tyme i kapel nan dy.. n bealive me.. tyme uh i dh xmao hidop,i wish when i sleep i will not wake up.but nvm mind.. as long as dy hepy.. i akn ttp jd kuat. know 7bulan..susa i nak luperkan sumer..but laki kan... they juz playing around,leaving scars n juz gon away..withou knowing ,btaperw peritnyew,btapew saketnyerw,btape deritanyer kite....dear nad,u know stiap mlm sy nanges,pagy sy nanges.. sy nak dy tp skarang dy da xdk tok sy,.. sy juz xley luper knangan tuh.n facebook make me feel worser.. nad,i dun mad at u.. i mad at myself.. hope awk phm :)lmbt laun sy kenew trimew hakikat gak yg awk bkn lagy tok sy.. hancor haty sy biler tgk dy ngan pmpwan len,bkn dgn awk jerk.. but xperk sy xkesah. coz he's no longer mine tau sy lemah coz mnanges sal laki x gunew uh.. but sy syg dy gler babun.. haha :p but we can be frens k? wlaupon sy nanges spanjang hary but lau sy da dpt konfemkan dy lg better ngan awk.. sy pon akn hepy :p so 4give me k? no one understand me . :p take care of him.. jgn wat dy merane cm i or i will find u i swear.. dh.. ni kutukan trahir.. sy bnci awk,pwas awk bwat sy cmnie?, awk pmpwan pling sial sy pernah jumper.. k fyne :p haha now kiter kwn.,.dy brtuah coz now dy da dpt pmpwan yg dy nak.. lawa. perfect. xmcm sy. bodoh.. nyte nad,